pfSense download cut off issue on VMware ESXi

Recently I had some trouble with my newly installed pfSense virtual box.

When I tried to download large files the pfSense cut off the download and could not download anything at all.
The strange thing was that the same exact pfSense was behaving fine not cutting of any downloads on a different up-link provider.

So I have tried to switch off the checksum offload and TCP segmentation offload also the large receive offload as it was suggested on many different sites like proxmox for example.

None of them helped and finally I found the solution to changing the main firewall behavior under System/Advanced/Firewall & NAT and then I changed Firewall Optimization Options to Conservative from Normal. After this all large file download went through on the firewall, no cuts off whatsoever.

So again the same box, same version and patch and also same virtual machine version on VMware behaved differently because of the ISP provider up-link.
If you have this issue just change the Firewall Optimizations at System/Advanced/Firewall & NAT.


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