VMware Replication & Recovery

The following three videos show how to create virtual machine offsite replication in your vCenter server on any available storage drive in your server.
This solution is available freely from VMware and can be integrated into all type of vCenters, even into VMware Small Business Essentials Plus.
To download VMware replication follow this link: VMware Replication

The backup storage can be a network share mount or a local drive.
If you use for example an NFS share or iSCSI storage, then this gives you the benefit of an offsite backup for your virtual machines.
The replication is automatic and scheduled to run in the background on the vCenter server.

The offsite backup, can be restored with out the vCenter server, if for any reason vCenter is unavailable.
In this case you need to add manually the backed up machine onto your vCenter or stand alone ESXi server’s inventory.



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